A server-side land protection and PVP mod

Clans - A server-side land protection and PVP mod
Clans adds a command-based land protection and raiding system to Forge servers. It is a server-side only mod, so players do not have to install the mod to join your server and use it. This mod was inspired by plugins such as Factions and Towny, and as such, some mechanics of this mod may be similar to these plugins. However, this mod's code is unique, built from the ground up to run on Forge servers, and designed to create a new and unique multiplayer Minecraft experience.

Clans are groups of players that share protected land, and the resources on it. People outside the clan cannot take items from chests on clan land, use doors, machines, or other blocks on clan land, or build on clan land. Clan members and their pets cannot be harmed by other players or their pets while on clan territory. Depending on the server, clans may cost in-game currency to form, claim land, or keep alive. Also depending on the server, clans may charge their members rent, which is paid by everyone in the clan, not just the low ranking players.

Raiding parties are a way for players to team up and fight other players. When a raiding party is formed, it specifies a clan to target. Anyone can join a raiding party, as long as they are not part of the target clan. When the raid is started, block protections on the target clan's land behave differently than they would normally. Broken blocks do not drop as items, placed blocks will not be permanent, and everyone in the raiding party can build, break blocks, and attack players and their pets on the target clan's land. At the end of a raid, all broken blocks on the clan's territory are restored to how they were before the raid, and blocks placed during the raid disappear from clan territory so they can be collected by their owners using /raid collect. Chests, furnaces, and other machines cannot be broken during the raid, and raiders cannot access their contents. However, raiders can kill the clan's animals and trample their crops, which do not get restored after the raid. Upon winning a raid, a configurable amount of in-game currency is taken from the clan's account and divided among the raiders. If the raiders lose the raid, the raid creation fee is deposited to the clan's account.

There are several ways a raid can end:
*The raid timer runs out (The timer length is set by the server owner)
*All raiders have deserted or been killed
*All online clan members have deserted or been killed

In addition to the formation of clans and raiding parties, this mod also provides a way for server operators to protect common server land, called opclan. Opclan is basically a special clan that has no members, gets created automatically when the server is created, and can be used or modified by any server operator (op). Opclan is able to claim land, abandon land, force other clans to abandon land, and set other clans' shield duration. In addition to all of this, server operators can also protect the Wilderness (unclaimed land) from damage, while also allowing players to mine underground.

This mod uses Grand Economy for all economy related functions.

See the CurseForge page for more details.
Author The_Fireplace
Version 1.5.7, 11.9 months ago
Downloads 5682 total
Minecraft 1.12.2

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Minecraft 1.12.2
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