Grand Economy

A server-side only economy mod

Grand Economy - A server-side only economy mod
Grand Economy adds economy to Forge servers. By itself, it doesn't do much, but it does add a basic income system, as well as commands to interact with players' currency. This is intended for use by other mods.

By default the user gets 100 credits on first login, and 50 for each (real time) day, as long as they login at least once every 6 days. Each day 1% of user balance is taken from him. The amount of tax taken each day is configurable (as well as other values)

This mod is based on EnderPay, with the biggest change being that this mod is server-side only, and as such, has no items and no additions to the HUD, and does not have to be installed by players who want to play on your server.

/balance - Check account balance

/pay - Pay another player money from your account

/wallet balance - Check another player's account balance

/wallet give - Add credits to player's account

/wallet take - Take credits from player's account

/wallet set - Set player's account balance
Author The_Fireplace
Version 1.3.6, 1.2 years ago
Downloads 1879 total
Minecraft 1.12.2

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Minecraft 1.12.2
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