Over 150 ores? Yes please!

A mod that adds over 200 ores, over 80 alloys, an unknown number of moths, biomes, and dimensions with their own mobs.
Mental started back in 2014 on version 1.6.4 as a unreleased mod for a modpack that also never got released (I think). Later on in the year a friend and I came across a website that had a list of fantasy elements, ores, and alloys. At that moment we decided to add those along with any others any mod uses o the game under one mod called 'Project Metadata', around the same time we had an idea for a wither realm which was a add-on for 'Project Metadata' and the weakest mob could one-shot you with full diamond armor. Those two mod were then combined into a mod called 'Metallferious' whose name I thought was too hard to remember and change it 'Metal'. Along with the name change I got hooked on a mobile game called 'Starlight' which is about taking care of moths and decided to add them to the mod. All was going well until I found a mod called Metal++ by DaveTheModder. Said mod was using the id 'metal' and so the mod name was changed again to 'Mental'.
  • Over 200 ores
  • Over 80 Alloys
  • Custom recipes (limited as of now)
  • Mobs
  • Dimensions
  • Biomes
  • More trees (some are bigger too)
  • Moths (maybe butterflies not sure yet)
  • More potions and enchantments

Compatibility (planned)[/header]
  • Chisel
  • Minecraft Flux
  • Blood Magic
  • Tinkers Construct


  • Element progress: 12/204
    • A's done, working on B's
  • Alloy progress: 0/84
  • Moth progress: 0/?
  • Realm progress: 0/1(?)
  • Mob progress: 0/?


You can download Mental on a few different sites.

I am constantly needing help with one thing or another mostly with translating and texture work (with required json files). So if you wish to help check out the GIthub page or contact me via message or pm me on Twitter @TxuritanS.

If you don't know how or can't do any of these things you can still contribute by giving me ideas, by bug testing,ad helping others with their bug or ideas.
Source and Modpacks
This mod is open source and licensed under the MIT License and in term of modpacks I have these conditions.
  • Let me know
    • I want to know how the mod is being use
  • Yah that is it
Author Txuritan
Version mental-1.11.2-, 3.9 years ago
Downloads 1142 total
Minecraft 1.11.2

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Minecraft 1.11.2
  • mental-1.11.2-
    Beta 2017-06-16
  • 1.11.2-17.3.0001a
    Alpha 2017-03-22