Catwalks 2

A mod centered around fast travel and pretty industrial decorations

Catwalks 2

This mod adds Catwalks, Caged Ladders, Scaffolding, and Support Columns, each of which has both practical and aesthetic uses. Except for the Support Columns, they just look cool.

  • • Catwalks make you walk faster and can quickly be extended horizontally.
  • • Caged Ladders can’t be fallen out of and can be climbed at almost 2x the speed of normal ladders.
  • • Scaffolding can be climbed like a ladder. They can quickly be placed, destroyed, extended, and retracted. When you use the builder’s variety they act like tall grass, where right-clicking them with a block will replace them.
  • • Support Columns mostly look cool. They technically are ladders but are so slow they’re pretty much useless as ladders.
  • • Sturdy Rails are self-supporting versions of normal rails that don’t need a redstone signal to be active.
  • • See the post on Minecraft Forums for more detailed descriptions.

Catwalks: Catwalks image

Caged Ladders: Caged Ladders image

Support Columns: Support Columns image

Scaffolds: Scaffolds image

Sturdy Rails: Sturdy Rails image

Author TheCodeWarrior
Version Catwalks 2.0.4, 4.5 years ago
Downloads 761 total
Minecraft 1.7.10
Website Forum Topic

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Minecraft 1.7.10
  • Catwalks 2.0.4