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Release notes for version 1.3.0:
Baby Skeletons!
Baby Skeleton Maker
Baby Skeleton Placer(For copy-pasting them in creative mode)
Support for adding more troop types(Modders, if you want to make addons, go for it! Feel free to ask questions.)
Augment System! Buff up your Skeleton Warriors' defenses, attacks, or give them health regen!
3 new Achievements!
Skeleton Warriors now cost 32 bones by default
Skeleton Warriors now collect XP orbs and can level up from them
Skeleton Warriors' bone cost is now configurable
Defensive and Aggressive Army Members will now attack an entity if it attacks you
Aggressive Mode army members will attack entities that you attack(much like wolves)
Skeleton Warriors heal on level up
The third bone slot was converted in to an Augment slot
"Sally" achievement is now obtained by applying a skinsuit to one of your skeletons
Changed the Skinsuit item texture
Skeleton Warrior Placer now places the Skeleton Warrior in the center of the tile, not on the corner.
Army Members no longer teleport back when falling
Target instances of IMob instead of EntityMob. Allows targeting mobs from Lycanite's Mobs, etc.
Mipmap is no longer restricted to 1
Fixed crash