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Release notes for version 1.1.3:
If you experience any issues with this build, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. A lot of changes have been made.
Skeleton Warriors now swap their bows for swords if they are out of arrows
Skeleton Warriors should now be able to use any bow extending ItemBow
Added the Skeleton Warrior Placer for Creative Mode users
-Shift+Right Click a Skeleton Warrior with a non-glowing placer to copy it to the placer
-Shift+Right Click a Skeleton Warrior with a glowing placer to replace it with the one in the placer
Skeleton Warriors now play a sound when receiving AI updates
Performance improvements
Bug fixes:
Skeleton Warriors now go after Slimes
The health numbers in the Skeleton GUI are now rounded
Skeleton Warriors with Entity ID 1 no longer open the Overlord's Seal GUI
Your Skeleton Warriors will no longer get in to fights over stray arrows
Skeleton Warriors can no longer pick their equipment back up and destroy it as they die
Skeleton Warriors now play the item pickup sound