Raise and command an army of Skeletons

Raise armies of skeletons to defend your base, or go to war with other players!

Along with the ability to raise armies, Overlord also includes:
-An unlimited levelling system in which your skeletons get faster and stronger as they gain levels
-An alliance system to allow alliances between players
-Multiple AI modes for your skeletons' attacks and movement, which you can configure per-skeleton or army-wide.
-Possibly a fun easter egg or two.
Getting Started:

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Feel free to contact me with feature requests, questions about the mod, bug reports, or pretty much anything else mod-related.
If you have a bug or crash to report, please use the issue tracker. If it is anything else, here are other ways to contact me.
Twitter(This one is best if you have something that can be said and responded to in 140 characters, notifications are almost instant)
Minecraft Forum
IRC: #thefireplace on Esper.net
Author The_Fireplace
Version 2.0.0, 19 days ago
Downloads 354 total
Minecraft 1.11
Website mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/251732-overlord
Repository github.com/The-Fireplace/Overlord

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Minecraft 1.11
  • 2.0.0
    beta 2016-11-20
Minecraft 1.10.2
  • 1.3.7
    beta 2016-11-19
  • 1.3.6
  • 1.3.5
  • 1.3.4
  • 1.3.3
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