Extra Rails

Additional Minecart rails.

Locking Rail

The Locking Rail holds the cart in place until it receives a redstone singal at which point it propels the Minecart in the direction it is facing.

Locking Rail recipe

Direction Rail

The Direction Rail acts like the Golden Rail but it only propels carts in the direction it is facing.

Direction Rail recipe

Teleporting Rail

The Teleporting Rail teleports Minecarts on it to the other Teleporting Rail it is connected to.

To link Teleporting Rails, open the GUI by right-clicking on them and use the 3 color selectors to pick a frequency for the rail. Do the same for the other Teleporting Rail and Minecarts will be able to teleport back and forth.

Note: If there are more than 2 Teleporting Rails on the same frequency, the destination may be random.

Teleporting Rail recipe

Author shadowfacts
Version 1.3.0, 3.8 years ago
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Minecraft 1.12

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