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Release notes for version SuperMiner-[1.10.2]-
#### **2.1.3:**
> | Core: | ---
| --- | ---
| _FIX_: | Identified an issue that caused the version checker to fail.
| _CHANGE_: | Modified the Build script to update version checker files automatically.
| _CHANGE_: | Renamed several classes to de-clutter the code a little.

> | Cropinator: | NEW SuperMiner _sub-mod_
| --- | ---
| | Cropinator is a new sub mod that is designed to make Farming easier and the Hoe more useful.
| | Moved Auto Hoe feature here and removed the need to hold a key in order to use it. This means that when Cropinator is enabled and you right click a block of Grass/Dirt with a Hoe (or custom tool association), Cropinator will search for a valid water source and automatically convert an area into farmland.
| | When right clicking any plant-able crop with a Hoe, all mature crops will be harvested and replanted.
| | An optional "Harvest Seeds" option is available to allow you to gather seeds along with the mature crop. This is turned off by default, meaning that only the crop will be dropped.

> | Excavator: | ---
| --- | ---
| _REMOVED_: | Auto Hoe feature has been removed from Excavator and moved to Cropinator.