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Release notes for version [1.10.2]-
Latest Update:
CHANGE: Updated to require Forge or later.
CHANGE: Modified build script to include cursegradle for auto submission to Curse Forge.
CHANGE: Modified Excavator to detect the different types of stone and only excavate matching the variant.
CHANGE: Add an option to disable this new variation detection to allow previous functionality to be restored. Default is new variation detection enabled.
CHANGE: Improved the Torch placement keybind to work without the need to have torches on your hotbar.
CHANGE: Modified the Torch location detection to include the 'Off Hand' inventory slot.
FIX: Solved an issue where the MineVeins option wasn't mining ore veins correctly.
FIX: Solved an issue that prevented Illuminator from lighting a shaft correctly.
FIX: Solved an issue that caused Substitutor not to change to a valid tool if the current slot in empty.
FIX: Solved an issue that would cause loss of ores when using Veinator combined with Substitutor.