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Release notes for version [1.9]-
Updated Item and Block IDs to match the latest IDs for Biomes-O-Plenty.

Solved issue where items were still being picked up by Captivator after the player has died. This caused items to be lost after respawning.
Stopped Captivator picking up items while sleeping.

Solved a NullPointerException error within Veinator while the game was being initialized along side supported mods.

Rewrote the Tree Detection Algorithm in order to solve issues with third party trees. Still not perfect as it's leaving some leaves behind, but much better than it was.
Added code to ensure snow on top of trees is removed correctly.

Added a new key-bind to allow Illuminator to Place Torches without having to change held item.

Modified Substitutor to not change held item if no sword is found when attacking mobs.
Modified Substitutor to not change held item in Creative Mode.