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Release notes for version
FIX: Fixed an issue that was affecting the Auto Hoe feature of Excavator. Land will now be tiled correctly in Minecraft 1.9 and above.

FIX: Sovled an issue that was causing the configuation default values to report the wrong values once the configuation had been changed from the default values.

CHANGE: Two addtional options have been added to Lumbinator:
- 1. Destroy Leaves: Tells Lumbinator that it should destroy the leaves when chopping down a tree.
- 2. Leaves Affect Durability: This option tells Lumbinator that it should not affect a tools durability when destorying a trees leaves.

NEW FEATURE: Add a new feature to Excavator that allows you to automatically path an area using the Path block. This feature is avaliable for Minecraft 1.9 and above.
When holding the Excavator toggle key (default Grave ' ` ') and right clicking Grass ( or Dirt ) using a shovel, a path will be produced in the direction you are facing. Unlike the vanilla mechanic SuperMiner allows you to turn Dirt into Path blocks as well as Grass.
The 'Path Width' and 'Path Length' can be adjusted using the SuperMiner configuation. Width has a minimum of 1 block and maximum of 16 blocks. Length has a minimum of 3 blocks and maximum of 64 blocks.
The path will be layed up/down hill, depending on the terain, as long as the next block isn't more than 1 block higher or lower.