Chameleon Creepers

Creepers blend in with their surroundings!

Creepers were actually intimidating in Alpha when the grass was, like them, that familiar vivid green, but ever since biomes were introduced, their color remained the same.
They are easy to spot and therefore very easy to avoid. This mod aims to fix that by changing their colors depending on their surroundings.

New in 1.4, Resource Pack support!

Bug reports, feedback and feature requests welcome :)

1.1: Creepers take the color of the block they're standing (so it'll work for caving), as opposed to the biome's main color. Most modded blocks should now work as well.
1.2: Feature above is now a config option so that you can go back to just using grass (biome) colors.
1.3: Wall colors included, now Creepers will blend with blocks next to them as well as under them.
1.3.1: Fixed bug where chests would sometimes render weirdly (issue was only in 1.9)
1.4: Resource Pack support! Creeper textures from every resource pack now work.
Fixed a coloring bug with Tall Grass.

Mod Review
By xJSQ!
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Modpack policy:
Feel free to include Chameleon Creepers in your private modpack, you dont need to ask.
However, if your pack is intended for public usage, I ask that you refer back to this page.
Author Vel0cityX
Version 1.4.1-1.12, 3.9 years ago
Downloads 4565 total
Minecraft 1.12
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