The lightweight Minecraft modding library


The lightweight Minecraft modding library.


To use this library, all you have to do is adding it as dependency in the Gradle build script.

repositories {
    maven {
        name = "ilexiconn"
        url = "http://maven.ilexiconn.net"

dependencies {
    compile "net.ilexiconn:llibrary:1.0.0-1.9.4:dev"

Compiling from source

  1. Make sure you’ve got the Java Development Kit version 8 or higher installed.
  2. If you have Gradle installed, simply run ‘gradle build’. If you DO NOT have Gradle installed, run ‘gradlew.bat build’ on windows systems, or ‘./gradlew build’ on OS X and Linux systems.


iLexiconn gegy1000 pau101 BobMowzie FiskFille TheCyberBrick
@iLexiconn @gegy1000 @pau101 @BobMowzie @FiskFille @TheCyberBrick
Author iLexiconn
Version 1.3.1, 4.8 years ago
Downloads 917 total
Minecraft 1.9
Repository github.com/iLexiconn/LLibrary

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Minecraft 1.9
  • 1.3.1