Wireless Crafting Terminal

An addon for Applied Energistics 2

Main UI


Wireless Crafting Terminal

  • A version of the AE2 Wireless Terminal with a 3x3 crafting table integrated
  • Also includes armor slots
  • Trash slot
  • Infinity Booster Card Slot
  • Magnet Card Slot

Infinty Booster Card

  • Allows use of the Wireless Crafting Terminal at any range and across dimensions
  • To use, insert into Infinity Booster Card Slot in the Wireless Crafting Terminal GUI

Magnet Card

  • A magnet that will automatically insert items directly into your AE network
  • Crouch+Right-Click to activate
  • Right-click to open filter GUI ** Filter can be set to whitelist or blacklist mode ** Filter has Ignore NBT, Ignore MetaData, and Use Ore Dictionary options

**NOTE: There are 3 basic modes for the Magnet Card. Set a keybind or crouch + right-click to cycle through modes. You can set the magnet to not pickup unfiltered items.


  • Two modes: Easy and Hard (Default)
  • In hard mode:
  • - The recipe for the Wireless Crafting Terminal is expensive
  • - No recipe for Infinity Booster Card, though it is still obtainable
  • In easy mode:
  • - The recipe for the Wireless Crafting Terminal is cheap
  • - Infinity Booster Card has a recipe
  • - NEI Integration
  • - Keybind Support
  • - Wireless Terminal must be in your inventory
  • - Charges correctly with Wyvern/Draconic Flux Capacitor, TE Energetic Infuser and like items/blocks
  • -No energy drain when in Creative

Config options (Looking at you Modpack authors =D)

  • -Max Power (AE Units)
  • -Default is same as standard AE Wireless Terminal (1.6M AE)
  • –Min: 800K AE/Max: 6.4M AE
  • -Disable Infinity Booster Card (Enabled by default)
  • -Enable Easy Mode (Default=false)
  • -Infinity Booster Card Drop rate (when in hard mode)
  • -Disable Infinity Booster Drops (when in hard mode)
  • -MineTweaker Override (Enabling disables all recipes so you can add your own via MineTweaker)


Do what you will, would be cool to know who is using my mod though ;)

Bug Reports

Make sure the AE2 version you are using matches the WCT version!


If there is a problem/bug, this is not the place to post it. I will continue to check here, but your bug will be fixed much quicker if you post an issue to the GitHub Issues page.


I’m a huge fan of Open Source software as well as helping people learn in general. As far as licensing, do what you want..claim it as your own. I don’t care =D If you become popular due to claiming that you made my mod, I’m just glad I could help make another person’s life better in some way.

Author p455w0rd
Version 1.8.5b, 4.9 years ago
Downloads 1769 total
Minecraft 1.7.10
Website minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/wireless-crafting-terminal
Repository github.com/p455w0rd/WirelessCraftingTerminal

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Minecraft 1.7.10
  • 1.8.5b
    RV2 2016-05-28
  • 1.8.5b
    RV3 2016-05-28