This is a mod that adds more dimensions to minecraft

I have created a pool so you can vote for which dimensions you want me to add :)

Official Website:

This is a mod that adds more dimensions to minecraft
For now only 9:
1. Emerald Dimension
2. Redstone Dimension
3. Lapis Dimension
4. Diamond Dimension
5. Gold Dimension
6. Iron Dimension
7. Coal Dimension
8. Void Dimension
9. Wood Dimension (Oak)
And for now only 9 Biomes:
Emerald, Redstone, Lapis, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Coal, Void, Wood
How to use:
You will need 10 or 14 blocks of the dimensions you want to go ex: 10 or 14 Blocks of Iron
Then You need to create a portal with a shape of a nether portal:
(For the Void Dimension you need Endstone)
(For the Wood Dimension you need wood planks {oak})
After that you need to light the portal with its Ignator
How to craft Ignators:
in the crafting table put the item + flint
item: Emerald, Redstone, Lapis, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Coal, Feather, Log
X = Empty/Nothing
It = Item
F= Flint
PI = {Portal} Ignator
Fe= Feather
F= Flint
L= Log
F= Flint

1. Q: Am I allowed to use this mod in Modpacks?
A: Yes, sure. But Please put link back to this form and Give credits to the author: sokratis12GR. And it would be nice if you can share you modpack in the comments {Any Other Types of contacting me except PM for modpacks and so will be automaticly deleted}
2. Q: Can i share this mod in other websites ?
A: No, You aren't allowed to upload any versions of this mod to other websites.
3. Q: Will there be more updates?
A: Yes, even if it is released, there will be more dimensions and i hope soon new mobs :).
4. Q: I found a Bug/Glitch/Error What i need to do ?
A: Just sent your Latest Log File with list of the mods that you used in PM.
Also Other Way of contacting me is via Minecraftforums:
Author sokratis12GR
Version 1.2, 5.5 years ago
Downloads 1284 total
Minecraft 1.8

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Minecraft 1.8
  • 1.2