MMO Skills

A class system... Well kinda

This is my attempt at adding a skill system Minecraft. It is fully functional besides only having one class. The only skill working as of this first beta release is the strength skill, you build strength by killing mobs. To check your skill level use the command (/getLevel). If you are OPed you can add skill requirements to an item, the only requirement is that the item can be enchanted. the command to do such magic is (/setRequirment {skill} {level}). and if the tool is iron, gold, diamond, or has a higher durability than diamond the item will get a custom name. So try starting a creative world and assining some requirments to an item, then try to attack with it and watch your chat.

Max Skill level:99

Please report any bugs so i can work on them.
Author Kloud
Version MMO Skills 1.7.10 beta 0.0.3, 5.6 years ago
Downloads 1166 total
Minecraft 1.7.10

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Minecraft 1.7.10
  • MMO Skills 1.7.10 beta 0.0.3
    Beta 2015-09-02