Reliable IRC for your (snaphsot) server!

What does it do?

It’s quite simple – this little mod adds IRC to your server. Due to its small code footprint, it’s easy to update this mod for every release of Minecraft, even snapshots!


Only one command for now; list, who or players lists the players on the server.


When you first start the server with the mod, it’ll create a config file and exit. This config file is in JSON, and has several options:

  • "bot_config" - This is where the configuration for the bot itself resides. For more options, see the PircBotX javadoc on Configuration.Builder.
    • "web_irc_enabled" - Indicates whether to connect through a WEBIRC interface. When in doubt, leave as false
    • "name" - The nick of the bot
    • "login" - The ident of the bot
    • "real_name" - The “real name” (a.k.a. gecos) of the bot
    • "server_hostname" - The hostname of the server to connect to, e.g. ""
    • "auto_join_channels" - The channels to join when connecting. format: "#channel": "key"
    • "nickserv_password" - The password to authenticate with NickServ. When in doubt, leave as null
    • "auto_reconnect" - Indicates whether to automatically reconnect to the server if the connection dies
  • "prefix" - The prefix for the commands. For example, using "." here makes the command to list the players .list
  • "show_no_such_command" - Whether to show the “No such command” message on invalid commands
  • "privmsg_format" - The format used to show ordinary messages in Minecraft. This uses the new chat format in JSON (see this page). The tokens {user} and {message} will be replaced with the nick and message of the sender, respectively.
  • "action_format" - The format used to show action messages (/me does stuff) in Minecraft. It uses the same system as "privmsg_format"


Simply run this jar instead of the minecraft server.

Author 14mRh4X0r
Version v0.2.1-1.10, 4.8 years ago
Downloads 4455 total
Minecraft 1.10

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Minecraft 1.10
  • v0.2.1-1.10
Minecraft 1.9.4
  • v0.2.1-1.9.3
Minecraft 1.9.3
  • v0.2.1-1.9.3
Minecraft 1.9.2
  • v0.2.1-1.9.1
Minecraft 1.9
  • v0.2.1-1.9