This mod adds Donuts, Tools and Armour to the game of Minecraft. We have lots of plan features that we are working on. So stay tuned.

Hello and Welcome to the DonutCraft page.

Below is a screenshot of all the items/blocks/foods in the DonutCraft Mod at the moment.
If you would like to see something new in the mod please leave a comment or PM your idea and I will most likely add if it is sense able.

These are the current items in the DonutCraft Mod

The Main Idea:

I mainly made this mod to go with my pack on the ATLauncher, but I was like why not just release it to the public so I did.
This mod adds about half dozen donuts, three drinks, 2 armour sets, 2 tool sets and ore. This will most likely change in the furture.


Tools and Armour -
Donut Tools are 2x stronger and faster then diamond tools
Donut Armour is also 2x stronger then diamond armour
Bacon Armour is about 500 more durable then iron.
Bacon Tools is about 500 more durable then iron also.
Donut Hammer - Used to get Donut Dust which is used to 2 dust from Donut Ore only has one use(I am trying to figure out how to give it more uses with my custom crafting handler.)

Foods -
Sprinkle Donut - 3 Hunger
Sprinkled Coco Donut - 3.5 Hunger
Coco Donut - 3 Hunger
Plain Donut - 2.5 Hunger
God Donut - 4.5 Hunger and Regen II for 2:30 mins
Raw Bacon Drops from pig it is totally random

Drinks -
Cold Coffee - 1 Hunger and Weakness 4 secs
Warm Coffee - 2 Hunger and Jump and Speed for 8 secs
MTN Dew - 1.5 Hunger and Jump and Speed for 8 secs
Author DoughnutDev
Version 1.7.10-2.0.5, 5.6 years ago
Downloads 1006 total
Minecraft 1.7.10

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Minecraft 1.7.10
  • 1.7.10-2.0.5
    Beta 2015-08-09