Animal Crossing Shaders

A shaderpack that warps the local terrain, similar to an Animal Crossing game.

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This shaderpack maps the local terrain onto a sphere, similar to the Animal Crossing games. Like the Acid Shaders they are based entirely on vertex transformations, and should yield little, if any, performance loss.

This shaderpack is independent of the Minecraft version. Modern release are compatible as far back as Minecraft 1.6, maybe even farther.



    -Place the downloaded file into the "shaderpacks" folder
    -Go into the Shadermod options screen, select the shaderpack, and turn on "Old Lighting"
    -Turn the clouds off if you have Optifine Installed
Author BruceKnowsHow
Version r6, 6.1 years ago
Downloads 74760 total
Minecraft 1.8
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Minecraft 1.8
  • r6