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Release notes for version 1.0.10:
- Added Crystal blocks that generate in the world
- Added a few items to generate in Dungeon chests, Blacksmith chests and Stronghold chests
- Added a total of 5 new structures that generate in the world
- The Pentagram now has an actual effect (takes 1 health from an entity that is right by the player and heals the player; if the player is at full health, an extra empty heart is added)
- The player renders in the Jewelry GUI (makes it easier for you to see how the jewelry render)
- Added different loot to chests in different places (Dungeons, Pyramids, Strongholds etc)
- Added a new 'weight' value to the Curse api

- Removed the Crystal item

- The Pentagram now renders beneath your feet when you look down and no longer does it in your inventory; it is also a lot smaller
- Changed Entity registration so it only uses 'registerModEntity' to fix potential issues
- Changed Crystal from craftable items to blocks that generate in the world
- Changed Jewelry Tab to not override TiCon tabs (sorry TiCon, your system is good, but not for me)
- Some curses can no longer acquired in hardcore (such as Rotten Heart, Midas Touch etc) which would make it impossible to work with and require a total restart of the game
- Updated the curse API so now people can specify when a curse can be activated (I believe the world is all you need :p)
- Curses now use a random weight system in order to get chooses (this allows for different curses to have a lower chance to appear than others)
- Midas Touch now has a lower chance of appearing

- Fixed NEI from overlapping the guide GUI
- Fixed an issue with the Liquids tab crashing
- Fixed Jewelers having only rings as jewelry options
- The mod is now compatible with both Java 7 and Java 8 once more