Y.A.S.M - Yet Another Steel Mod

A mod to implement Steel in it's basics! Written in only 1 (one!) class file!

Yet Another Steel Mod.

Title says it all right?

This mod was made as a challenge given to me by my teacher to make a mod using only 1 .class file.


Don't expect a lot from this mod, this adds steel (Blocks, tools and armor ), and that's it!

For bugs/glitches/errors/etc go to the Bug Tracker

This mod requires Forge to operate.

Everything is in the oredictionary, meaning you can use it across mods!

I suggest using NEI or Recipebook for the recipes.

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Author J3FF97
Version Version 1.8-1.0, 5.9 years ago
Downloads 994 total
Minecraft 1.8.4
Website minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/230531-yasm-yet-another-steel-mod
Repository github.com/J3FF97/YASM

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Minecraft 1.8.4
  • Version 1.8-1.0