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Release notes for version 0.9:
Changes since v0.8.1 (Hotfix 1):
[*] Quartz Kahurs can no longer pick up mobs and have less durability
[*] Ender Kahurs have more durability
[*] Obsidian Kahurs can no longer pick up mobs
[*] Add Yttrium, Copper, and Yttric Copper
[*] Add Yttrium Ore, which drops Yttrium Dust. If no other mods add copper, it will also drop copper dust.
[*] Scrappers can now turn ingots and gems into dust
[*] Add a bunch of new Kahur types for mod interoperability
[*] Combustors are now made from Yttrium
[*] Scrappers are now made from Yttrium
[*] Add the Blunderbuss, a use for all that excess gravel
[*] Add 'encyclopedia' - some Farrago items now show info if you hover over them and hold Shift
[*] Misc bugfixes
[*] Implement the Yttric Rifle, for all your sci-fi laser needs. No, really, all of them. It has tons of different modes.

Notice: This release adds ores to world generation, and also contains retrogeneration. Backdating from this version will leave many holes in your world where these ores generated.