A Simi-Functional economy for Minecraft.

In this mod i added a pretty functional economy system to the Minecraft villagers. This includes a set of coins and and remapping of all of the villager trades. I have included a large number of the Items in the game . I will be including more as I update the mod.

- The only way to acquire coins is through selling Items to villagers.
- Coins are not yet added to the creative tabs(I compleate ly forgot)Will be in next update.
- Coins can be obtained with the command "/give <username> k" and then pressing tab to cycle through them.
- Will be adding a way to make coins as soon as I figure out how to balance it.

This removes all of the Original Minecraft villager trades and any trades added to Vanilla Villagers. This Mod will not override villagers add by any other mod nor will it change there trades. Please use this mod with caution and always start a new world or back-up your current world before installing.
All of the source code can be found on my Github
All of my mods thus far are licensed under a Dedication to Public Domain
Author Kloud
Version (1.7.10)-67, 6.1 years ago
Downloads 1251 total
Minecraft 1.7.10

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Minecraft 1.7.10
  • (1.7.10)-67