The BLT Mod! Create a BLT sandwich, cook bacon, grow lettuce, tomatoes, make a bread knife and slice your bread! Adds a new ore and gem too!

This mod adds several new items and blocks to create a delicious and powerful BLT sandwich. It also adds a new precious ore and gem called Morganite that is even better than diamond!

Items and blocks

bacon, uncooked bacon, lettuce seeds, lettuce plant, tomato seeds, tomato plant, bread knife, sliced bread, blt sandwich, morganite (ore, block, gem, armor).

alt text

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tips: Lettuce and tomato seeds spawn in village and bonus chests

dependencies: This mod requires FORGE 1.8

fun fact: This mod was inspired by my kids and their imagination, coded over Christmas break 2014 it gave me a great reason to teach the boys JAVA. It has something for the boys (a delicious BLT sandwhich that has lots of health but is challenging to make) and something for the girls (a PINK ore and gem that they designed!) so they can make pink armor and tools. Thanks to wuppy29 for his MC Modding book, check it out

Author tofu-alpha
Version 1.0.5, 6.2 years ago
Downloads 1709 total
Minecraft 1.8

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Minecraft 1.8
  • 1.0.5