Summon Sphere Mod

Mobs, Companions, Enchantments, Tools, Alchemy, Fight & Magic ...


Summoned Alchemist
He can transmute most of the given Items with a little XP cost
He can lead you to a nearest Stronghold by holding an "Eye of Finder"

Summoned Wizard
He can use some Items for magic attacks
He can fill buckets, bottles or "Camel Pack" in your inventory by holding a "Warter Bottle"
He can REPAIR your Armor with "Magic Repair" enchantment by holding a "Nether Star"

Summoned Elf
She can fly with fast attack only when holding her favorite weapon the "Boomerang"

Summoned Dwarf
Very strong and fast attacks but short attack range

Summoned Warrior
Normal strong and middle attack range

Summoned Archer
Not very strong but very long attack range

Summoned Pegasus
Summon a powered tamed horse

Summoned Warewolf
Summon a powered tamed wolf

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Author deenkayros
Version 1.4.4, 5.4 years ago
Downloads 14806 total
Minecraft 1.7.10
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