Frozencraft, the mod with everything from the movie Frozen including all of the characters and special powers.

Frozencraft contains all of the characters from the popular Disney movie Frozen. They act like you might expect from their behavior in the movie and when you right click them, they'll say things you'll recognize as well.

Except for new mobs, this mod also adds new armor suits so you can look like the characters from the movie yourself. If you put on Elsa's armor you even get the same powers as her including throwing snowballs, walking over water & lava and shooting freezing bolts.

Finally there are several new things to find in the world to get all of these new items and armors.
This image shows four of the new mobs in the game.

Author wuppy29
Version, 6.2 years ago
Downloads 46644 total
Minecraft 1.8

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Minecraft 1.8
Minecraft 1.7.10