Adds in new ways to light up your world and make your life just a little brighter. Part of the Micro Series.

How to Use
Glowstone Lamp
The Glowstone lamp is the most useful tool in a Minecrafters arsenal. The lamp emits lights up to 8 blocks (Configurable) away in each direction. When the block is broken the light that it gave off will instantly disappear leaving no lignering lights.

Glowstone Goggles
There are two types of goggles, energetic and normal. Energetic goggles grant night vision while wearing them and give you the same protection rating as chainmail. Normal Glowstone Goggles also grant night vision but only for a limited time. To check how much night vision the goggles have left simply mouse over them in your inventory and look at the remaining time on the tooltip. The Normal Glowstone Goggles can be recharged by placing them on the LEFT side of an anvil and glowstone dust on the RIGHT side. The recharge will always cost 1 xp no matter how much glowstone was used to recharge the goggles so it is advised that you recharge the goggles with as much glowstone as you can afford.

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Author Duke605
Version, 6.7 years ago
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Minecraft 1.7.10

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Minecraft 1.7.10