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Release notes for version 1.7.10 - 0.24.0:
ADDITION: Added language support for several languages. (Chinese, German, Portugese)
CHANGE: Complete rewrite of steam system. Does not require server reset, but existing steam systems will lose all steam they currently have.
CHANGE: Massive performance increases, especially in SMP
CHANGE: Changed oredict format for plates to “plateSteamcraft”, fixing dupe bug with IC2
CHANGE: Boilers are now more susceptible to catastrophic failure than pipes, consistent with real world.
CHANGE: Tweaked steam tools
CHANGE: Animation sync in SMP improved across the board.
BUGFIX: Steam hammer no longer duplicates items when broken
BUGFIX: Smasher no longer destroys bedrock
BUGFIX: Smasher no longer flickers
BUGFIX: Smasher no longer attempts to smash obsidian, water
BUGFIX: Thumper no longer destroys bedrock
BUGFIX: Pick-block functionality now gives the correct block when used on a running boiler
BUGFIX: Archimedes screw now correctly updates water blocks
BUGFIX: Steam tools no longer break when they run out of steam
BUGFIX: Steam tools mine correct blocks (Axe now mines slabs quickly, etc)
BUGFIX: EnderIO should no longer give smashed nickel when no mod that adds nickel is loaded
BUGFIX: Exosuit now correctly grants armor points
BUGFIX: Fixed exosuit model related memory leaks