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Release notes for version 1.7.2-0.3c:
15-6-2014:version 0.3c
Cleaned up some unneeded things
Fixed a bug in the code ^.^

14-6-2014: Version 0.3b
Added a CapeHandler.
Bugfixes, tried to do stuff, failed at doing stuff

11-5-2014: Version 0.3a
Added Thaumcraft Compatibility!
Cleaned up some code etc.

4-5-2014: Version 0.2b
Just a hotfix, Armor was not rendering correctly
Also, re-added Steel to the oredictionary, forgot to do that, derp :3

4-5-2014: Version 0.2a
Ported to Mc version 1.7
Redid some textures
Added Steel Bars, just like iron bars, but made from steel!
Removed the Claw, Nose and the recipes for spawneggs, may return at some point, but not now.

3-5-2014: Version 0.1b
Edited the textures for steel etc.
Cleaned up the code, removed any unused things ^.^

2-5-2014: Version 0.1a
First release!
Basically added everything seen above ^.^

(Full changelog, only version 0.3c and up are on