Troll Player

Troll your friends with both harmless and death causing trolls! You will laugh harder than ever before!

This plugin allows you to troll players with the following commands:
/troll <player name> <troll>
Explode - Create an explosion at the players location (may kill the player)
Starve - Set players hunger to 0
Villager - Spawn a villager at the players location
Creeper - Spawn a creeper at the players location
Op - Send the "You are now op!" message to the player (does not actually op the player)
Inv - Opens the players inventory to everyone on the server
Openinv - Shows YOU and only YOU the players inventory
Fire - Sets the player on fire for seconds
Water - Spawns a block of water above the player
Throw - Throws the player into the air (may kill the player)
Msg - Sends a message to the player from a set name
Talk - Talks in chat as the player
Pumpkin - Puts a pumpkin on the players head
Fakemute - Sends the "You have been muted" message to the player (does not actually mute the player)
Derpname - Sets the players name to "Derp"
Tpall - Tps every player on the server to the player
Dropinv - Drops every item in the players inventory
Anvil - Drops anvils around the player
Blind - Blinds the player for the set amount of seconds
End - Teleports the player to the end
Fakeban - Kick the player with the ban message (does not ban the player)
Spiderweb - Turns the blocks below the player into web
Lightning - Strikes lightning at the players location (damages player)
Fakelag - Stops the player from moving for 5 seconds then allows the player to move again for 5 seconds (loops until server reload/restart)
Herefishy - Spawns 5 silverfish around the player (can kill the player)
Egg - Turns the player invisible and creates an egg that their location (egg cannot be picked up and will be removed and respawned at the players' location every 5 seconds if they have moved)
Dirt - Fills the players' blank inventory spots with dirt

I plan to add much more so ensure to keep watch on this for updates! Feel free to leave your ideas, I WILL ADD THEM!

Test server (Dead or Alive V2, custom coded, hard mode apocalypse survival):

Thank you!
Author dajakos
Version 1.08, 6.9 years ago
Downloads 1503 total
Minecraft 1.7.9

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Minecraft 1.7.9
  • 1.08
    Dev 2014-06-16