Causes things to happen based on what is said in the chat, and adds a new dimension with new mobs

Documentation for the parts, each part can be disabled or enabled:

Mentioning lightning in a sentence will cause a chance for lightning to
strike nearby. This is currently not configurable beyond enabling or disabling

Saying a mob name in a sentence along with the word hate will cause a chance
for that mob to spawn nearby. The words that match the mobs names are stored
in the config as a list for each, so both endermen and enderman will match

Talking near growable blocks will cause each to have a chance to grow,
similar to how bonemeal works. This is not currently configurable beyond
enabling or disabling it.

Saying certain phrases will cause a potion effect to be applied to the
player. Which phrase matches each effect is configurable in the config file.

Saying a certain phrase will send the player to a new dimension, which is
made mainly of sandstone and has an infinite system of underground rooms, as
well as another phrase to send them back to the normal dimension. The id of
the dimension and the provider are configurable, as well as the phrases to get
there and back

There are two mobs, mummies and sandworms, which spawn naturally in the new
dimension. These can also be disabled, and should cause no issue if they are.

An item that says something that can trigger the parts that listen to the
chat. The message it says is configurable in the config.
Author Mraof
Version 1, 6.4 years ago
Downloads 2934 total
Minecraft 1.7.10

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