There's no question – one of the fundamental forces keeping the Internet accessible is ad revenue. However, excessive advertising has become increasingly obtrusive and distracting. strives to provide a sustainable source of revenue for developers without compromising user experience.

How we calculate your earnings

The only pages with ads on all of are the mod description and download pages. This means all of the money we’re paid is directly related to individual mods.

Every 24 hours, we collect data from our advertising network (Google AdSense), and calculate the estimated earnings for your mod’s pages. The estimated earnings displayed on your dashboard are based on:’s total revenue, the number of ad impressions your pages get, and the expenses required to run the site. We will never deduct more than 20% of your earnings for our expenses.

After the end of the month, we fetch the latest totals from AdSense to pay you. Since Google often adjusts the amount after the month is over, the amount we actually send you may be slightly different than the estimated amount that was shown before the month ended. A list of reasons Google may deduct earnings can be found here.

Revenue per mille (RPM)

RPM is a fancy term to describe the page revenue per 1000 views. The number shown on the dashboard is an average of your RPM for the last few days, and is intended to help you estimate your earnings for an arbitrary traffic level.

Payout cycle

AdSense issues payments to us between the 20th and 26th each month, for the prior calendar month. This means there is a gap of about a month between the point revenue is earned and the time we have it available to pay out.

However, we will make an attempt to send your earnings as soon as the total is locked in and confirmed by Google. Not having money you’ve already earned sucks, and we want to help you out as much as we can.

Payout methods

Currently, our only supported method for sending payouts is through PayPal. At the end of your first payout cycle, we will contact you personally to get your account set up.

All calculations and payments on are made in Canadian Dollars. Currencies other than CAD are displayed for your convenience only, and may not reflect the exchange rates used by PayPal.

Note: due to the fees involved with transferring money through any method, we require a minimum balance of $5 CAD before issuing a payment.